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May 24, 2006


James  Governor

have you seen this write up?


When can we expect those demo account to open up? I signed up for a beta sometime ago. I am, of course, excited to check it out, so hence my pestering ;)


Thanks for the reference - it is a nice article. I will say that much of the speculations in the article about the product are amazingly on target.

We are slowly granting access to new users that are signed up for the beta. Since we are still changing things a bit, the first phase of users were chosen so that we could maintain a certain element of stealth just a bit longer. The feedback so far has been very encouraging. I am quite certain that you will get access very soon.

btw, FiveRuns will also have a booth at the JBoss conference and will be doing demos there. A few of us will be around the Rails conference as well (FiveRuns is sponsoring a few events there) - so, if anyone sees me there, ask me for a demo.

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