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February 14, 2006


John Nicholas

Thanks for all the great work. I've been playing a lot with Rico and also checking out Dojo, Scriptaculous and the new Yahoo kits. They all seem to have a lot in common so it is kind of hard to tell which one is the best one to use in any particular setting. I think documentation is probably the most important thing to help people get going. One of the reasons I have been using Rico the most has been the clear examples.

I was pretty set on using Rico on a real project that will use a lot of effects and Ajax but started to get nervous that there wasn't as much momentum as Scriptaculous. I was also worried that Bill Scott's involvement in the Yahoo libraries meant it had less resources. Glad to see that there is plenty of action and support. I also like the "stay out of the way" goal in the earlier posts. So many ajax kits are designed to be server and client side like najax or ajax.net but I am usually integrating my stuff into a CMS and need to come at javascript side and the server side from different angles.

Tom Stewart

Thank you for all your ongoing efforts to improve the LiveGrid library. The LiveGrid is truly amazing! I managed to get it working using Classic ASP on the server side. The LiveGrid sorts one way: ascending. I have yet to get descending sort working.

Curious, when I set up my ASP page for deep linking (via the bookmark), the ascending and descending images are displayed when clicking on the header cell - no sort action. When I set up my ASP page without the deep link, the ascending image appears and it sorts by ASC. Is it possible to call methods of the LiveGridSort class directly? Are they any examples on how to do that?

Thank you for this amazing data grid!

Tom Stewart

FYI, I did get the LiveGrid to sort descendingly. There is an issue though (you're probably aware of it). As long as I *don't* click on the ascending/descending image, the LiveGrid will sort either direction. When I click on the image, the LiveGrid degrades.

MS Script Debugger hangs on this code in the headerCellClicked() method:

columnNumber = parseInt(cellId.substring( cellId.lastIndexOf('_') + 1 ));
It's because the cellId variable contains an empty string.

Thank you again for the LiveGrid!

Jared Armstrong

Hi, I've been using rico in a real world project now for a few weeks/months. I think the only major thing I would hope for feature wise, besides a few more behaviors is native SOAP handling. I have reviewed and tested the IBM Tech article WS.js which is based on the prototype library and it looks promising. Though I would like to see some of this and a module based loading system. Right now I have used a JS compressor to get the rico and prototype library sizes down for faster page initialization, which also works well.


For those of you who have problems with request and IE cache problems in Rico, simply send in the paramters Url this:
function avoidCache(){
var myDate = new Date();
var myTime = myDate.getTime();

return myTime;
ajaxEngine.sendRequest ( 'getExtras', 'mfUUID='+mfUUID+'Cache='+avoidCache() );

I spent two days to find out whats going on cause in Firefox everything worked fine and in IE the innerHTMl was still the old one ....


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