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December 11, 2005



You made some really good points, but the conclusion.
All the lessons learned are true with how classes are in ruby (humame or whatever).
* I hate searching for remotes - I can never remember where I put it or what I called it - they should always be where I want them
N/A in this context.
* Lots of remotes are not good - one remote is better
N/A in this context
* I don't have a real issue with buttons as long as their behavior is predictable and work similar to other buttons
this is one of the core principle of ruby.
* I hate having to press different buttons to achieve my goal - I confuse easily and have a poor memory
you will have to do this in java, ruby reduces most of it.
* The laguage should be mine (the guy who wants to be entertained) - not the feature happy designer who wants me to press each and every button
* I mostly like to be ignorant of the small details of how the remote/component works - details should not be in my face every time I use it
thats one of the bad points about java, i have to remember where the array index starts from. but first and last methods does do it in ruby.
* Remote should not require large context switch - it should just do what I need

Richard Cowin

I agree that Ruby does meet many of these goals.

However I am not sure I agree with your N/A conclusions.
I might say that if you have too many classes in too many packages, things get easier to lose.
I might also say that a language that has customizable DSL support would be nicer than having to use several different languages, each with its own environment.
I also think that interfaces should be geared towards the consumer of the interface and not have the details of the design leaking through the interface.

However, If I were to actually say those things, it may make me sound biased.

And, I did this small detour/exploration to get around the language biases and back to the underlying design concerns. Sometimes we get caught up in all the rules have ben created for historic reasons and may or may not even still apply. But, I mostly did it for fun.

doh! I should have added the enjoyment factor somewhere in the conclusions.


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