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January 06, 2006



Thanks!... will look at it. BTW, you have mentionned a rico subversion repository for source code for other demos. I must be blind, I cannot find it anywhere. Could you please post a link to said repository?

Again, great work,




I'm just getting in to Ruby / Rails so I look forward to playing with this further and hopefully making use of it.

I understand that it works fine in IE6, Firefox and Opera. Does it also behave well in Safari?

The only other feedback I have for now comes in the form of another question...

I am a fan of liquid layouts (i.e. Layouts that try to maximise the available space in the browser window).

I notice that the demo limits the table size to 10 rows irrespective of the resolution I am running at and therefore irrespective of the size of my browser window.

I know that it is possible to use Javascript to look at the window size. I haven't looked in to this too much but assume that it is possible to use this information to declare the table to be a set number of rows (calculated based on the window size).

I should be able to work this out but if anyone has implemented this any examples would be appreciated.

Following on from this, I am also guessing that it is possible to have the page automatically re-load from scratch if the user re-sizes the browser window.

I am wondering however if it is possible to take that further and, without refreshing the page, have the table re-size (or reload from scratch with a different number of rows) when the browser's window size is changed?

Any ideas or suggestions?



The subversion repository is at https://rico.tigris.org/source/browse/rico/. However, I noticed it is not responding. I will check with the tigris folks. It might be a good time to move the repository.

I will post an update as soon as I get more info.





I have not looked at providing any sort of adjustable rows. It would be pretty straight forward. I am starting to look at improving the layout for the accordion. I will see how straight forward it would be to add an entry point for resizing. Should not be hard.



Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the resposne. I look forward to seeing what you come up with regarding the resizing of the tables and of course if I come up with my own change(s) to accomodate this I will forward for your perusal.




Thanks Richard!

Basically, what I am looking for is a Strut sample of the Grid. I was able to have the accordion working in a manner of 30 minutes or so but the Grid is the one giving me a headache. The grid gets displayed no problem but the data is not really showing up. The problem I am having is to figure out what I need to do in my Action and Form. If you have a sample written in Struts that would be of tremendous help.

Again thanks forthe great work. Hopefully I will be able to see this working in my app!



Hey Richard, forgot to mention. If you need space for a repository, I might be able to make room on my servers for it. Just let me know and we will take the rest of this conversation offline.



The repository at https://rico.tigris.org/source/browse/rico is now up.
The openrico.org website and all demos is under the openricoRoR folder.

I am definitely considering moving the repository and forum off tigris. I will update as I get more info.



An older version of the website using Struts with J2EE is under the openrico folder in the repository.
It has the Livegrid demo, but (unlike the RoR version) does not use a database for the movie contents.



Thanks Richard,

I appreciate the link. Will get to work on it today and let you know how it turns out



almost basically all works!. The only issue remainding is that what the page first gets displayed all the data, well, from row 1 to row 10 gets displayed, but when i try to scroll down by one, the data disappears, i.e the grid is blank. If I scroll back up by the same unit (in this case one), again the grid is blank. If I click on the bookmark, when its displays "Listing movies 1 - 10 of 30", the grid now has data. Clicking on said bookmark when it displays "Listing movies 2 - 11 of 30" the grid again will be blank.

Any clues to as why this is happening?

Thanks for all your help

Paul Jennings

First of all I must say how impressed i am with LiveGrid!!!

I would like to better understand the LiveGrid search demo. Is it available for download?

Many thanks!

Richard Cowin

I have had some requests for both the yahoo search demo and a standalone weather demo.

I will provide both soon and will include a reference on my blog as soon as I get them available. I will most likely post them on openrico.org site somewhere.


Thanks to all Rico contributers for your help!
This is awesome!


Hi, nice job on the livegrid. I've been using it a bit. I extended the behavior a bit for my app. However, I did notice it has some memory leaks, around 650/700bytes per refresh when I look at the openrico demo. I email my tweaks on the rico.js file. I added select-a-line capability. I'm trying to figure out how to fix mousewheel scrolling. It works fine when over the scrollbar but both the browser window and livegrid scroll if its in the livegrid area.

Thanks for putting up your hard work! :)



Did somebody get this working with horizontal scrolling already ?


Michael Fairchild

I've been strugling trying to get the demo to work. I have donwloaded the ROR demo and it will display the initial page, but all the other screens, like 11-20 or any other pages are not updating. I just used the code you provided in the above link and addeda database, then ran rake migrate. I checked and all the data is in the DB. when i watch the log in rails it only shows messages from the inital page request.
I am using firefox on client and apache+fastcgi on the server.
Any ideas? am i missing somehting?
Micahel F


Hi Michael,

Does not sound like your platform should be an issue.

It sounds like you are having an issue in the javascript sending the Ajax Request. Not sure why... You might try bringing up the javascript console and see if you get any error messages.


For those having trouble getting it to work where it displays the initial data but doesn't reload data when scrolling... the path to ajax_table_content is hardcoded as '/movies/ajax_table_content'.

If you're running your app from the root of your webapp (i.e. www.somdomain.com/) then it should work fine. I suspect that those having trouble though are running from some other path (i.e. www.somedomain.com/myapp/).

Update list.rhtml and change '/movies/ajax_table_content' to '/myappname/movies/ajax_table_content'

That should do it.

Roland Schaede


nice example, and it works. But when I add a checkbox on each line the live grid is emptied when scrolling. The same happens if you use a text inside your td's that has a '<' in it.
For text, this can be escaped, but how can I reliably put html objects inside a td?
Any idea? I tested on Suse 9.3 with firefox 1.5.

Kind regards


Shauna Haines


Thank You for an excellent demo. I am relatively new to Rails (coming from a desktop database application development background), and using your example I was able to get LiveGrid working in my own Rails app. I did have to make a couple of tweaks to rico.js - I posted those on the openrico.org Rico 1.1 forum.

I need horizontal scrolling in one of the tables in my app and discovered that Matt Brown's LiveGrid Plus can do this (plus some other things that would be nice to have). But I don't know how to set up the various Prototype- and Rico- related libraries from Matt Brown's downloadable example in my Rails app. Can I just substitute the whole slew of them for the Rails default js libs plus rico.js?


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