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October 08, 2005


Jose Canciani

Don't be to hard with the 2.0 concept. It's just that, not a version #. It's the first known way to describe a set of technologies and a new paradigms seen in the last 2 years; and some people like it so it grew. Just like AJAX represents what XMLHttpRequest and javascript can do...
Anyway, thanks for the link to Tim's article, it's a nice permalink to show my friends who are not in the mood yet ;)


There's an error on your link to Tim page ("https://https//").

Richard Cowin

Links are fixed now.

I like ideas that cause us to think, but I am just a bit sensitive to market driven terms. A term or meme is valuable when it invokes a discussion that takes us forward or at least establishes the term as a meaningful part of our vocabulary. It seems that "Web 2.0" as a term still has not really achieved either of these. There is still a bit too much noise in the discussions and the term still has lots of ambiguity. Hopefully it will improve.

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