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August 28, 2005



Hi Guys your have done amazing stuff with LiveGrid and other components. I just like to request you if you can post the whole source code with the Java code and the sql scripts so that people like me who are starting to learn Struts,JSP and ajax can start fast. Or you can email me the code.


Richard Cowin

We do not have the demos packaged separately from the openrico.org site. Also, the yahoo demo uses a specific yahoo account that I need to extract out to a configuration file.

I will try to package up the demos soon. I am also working on a translation of the demos to Ruby on Rails as well. I used Ruby on Rails as my back end server during development of the Movies demo for LiveGrid.

Is there a specific demo you are interested in?


I am planning to do a demo for my project and i have a database setup so i thought it will be good if i can use your livegrid for the demo connecting to our table.

I am more interested in the livegrid demo of the movies so that i will connect to my Student Info DB and show it to my team.


Definately Good Code. One suggestion, Can LiveGrid be based on specified height, instead of specified no of rows? That way the data in each row can be of different size. Now each row has to have same amount of data. I think this will be really useful and most of realtime applications has different sizes of data in each row.


Hi, I am working on Ruby on Rails. If you can send me the whole source code for LiveGrid demo, I will highly appreciate it.


Very very good code, I was woundring could you mail me the demo

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