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July 31, 2005



I wish it would include a fix for not being able to select text by dragging your mouse. (I sent the following to Bill and Darren on July 1):

Someone pointed this out to me and I notice the same problem on openrico.org as well. It seems that by including the rico.js file in my app page, I lose the ability to use my mouse to drag and select text. (You can repro this on the openrico.org homepage and using IE, attempt to highlight a paragraph by dragging your mouse.)

In my investigating, it looks like if I remove the section under “// ricoDragAndDrop.js” in rico.js (which establishes the Rico.DragAndDrop object), I get my select ability back. Specifically, all I have to do is comment the line:


and I get my select ability back. I would guess it has to do with an event listener on mousemove.

I don’t even use the drag and drop functionality in my apps, but since it is included in the library and initialized regardless, I feel stuck. I have no choice but to edit the file (which I didn’t want to do for future updates) since that line of code causes undesired effects elsewhere. Is this a known issue? Can this initializeEventHandlers be moved to only be triggered if we are using the drag drop functions?


I will talk with Darren on the issue. I did notice this is a reported issue with a high priority and we have not addressed it yet. I will make sure it gets due attention. If we cannot address it for 1.1, I will make sure we give some attention to coming up with a better way of handling it for now.

John Watson

The Rico set of tools looks great, do you have any tutorials or more demos than whats on the rico site. Especially about drag and drop, thanks John

Richard Cowin

We will try to get some demos out on the openricol.org site soon. I will also post some tutorials soon.

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